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  • Localização: Facho, Setúbal, Portugal
  • Outras informações:I am a licesned Massage Therapist, Massage Instructor, and lifelong learner. I have helped take care of running our company, Mountainside On-Site Massage Therapy, for over ten years. My specialization is perinatal (pre-birth and after) massage at work in New Jersey, massage therapy for pediatric clients, and cranial-sacral therapy. I am interested in everything relating to health, from reading about new health study outcomes to investigating new ways to help encourage my own, and others' wellness and health. I belivee that practicing Massage is a great service to your community. We help other people. While it is true that, teachers and doctors and nurses and police also serve their community in big ways, but Licensed Massage Therapists aid people to deal with their lives by having a greater internal reserve of poise and calm. We have even worked on police officers, teachers, doctors, and nurses. Their feedback lets me know we helped them, in in their own lives, to be able to be their best with everyone around them.

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